For 'We Plays'

"...Tom Turner's lighting adds considerably to the mood."
The Reviews Hub

"There are some nice lighting effects by Tom Turner"

"There's inventive use of a suitcase in Cyprus Sunsets, and a rich soundscape throughout, together with neat lighting from Tom Turner."

Tom Turner’s lighting design adds another level – especially in Cyprus Sunsets, where it is used to great effect to create the inside of a club, as well as mimic the natural light. An important facet, given the protagonist’s quest for the elusive “perfect sunset”. "
Mind the Blog

For 'Le Bossu'

"Beautifully lit by Tom Turner, the production seamlessly drops into the richly imaginative framework of organ pipes and ropes"
The Stage

For 'Can You Hear Me Running'

" Projection always provides extra problems for the Lighting Designer but Tom Turner handles it well with a clever and sympathetic design"