by Moira Buffini
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
George Bernard Shaw Theatre
November 2016

Director: Charlotte Westenra
Designer: Baśka Wesołowska

This was my final show at RADA. Loveplay is set in a single location over ten time periods, from 30 AD to 2001 AD. The set was simply five flats onstage which spun on various axes, and a full white, backlit cyc stretched accross the back of the stage. This presented a number of challenges: creating distinct looks for each scene, utilising the cyc tastefully yet effectively, keeping light off the cyc whilst keeping the actors meticulously lit accross the stage (at the director's insistence). In the end the result was good, and received well by the director. Some of the scenes were better and more distinct than others, but for all scenes the lighting played its part in creating the desired mood and tone.
Photographs by Linda Carter